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Skiold - viking illustrator - crowdfunding

I’m not very dressed so a least, help the illustrator to give me beautiful colors.
Manuel Lefebvre illustration

The project

Today I have two objectives :

 Start marketing reproduction of my works pictorial Viking mythology, history and fantasy : Prints, postcards, bookmarks, portfolios ...

 Produce and publish a beautiful Artbook with texts ,illustrations and maybe music.

To do so, at first I need to work quickly and in good conditions. Number of black and white illustrations accumulate because I expect to give them the best color treatment. In addition, I will have to make more and more !

Images not colorized, bubbles characters claiming a decent color

My equipment off getting bit outdated in view of the goals i aim and that’s where you come in, generous patrons !

Who I am ?

My name is Manu, aka "Skiold", a (legendary Danish king). I’m a french illustrator born in Deauville, Normandy. I live now in Lorient, in britanny.

I grew up in normandy with epic history of William the Conqueror or Rollo settlement. As a child i was amazed by this seventy meter long fantastic comic strip that is the Bayeux tapestry !
Later, in a book i discovered the Oseberg and Gokstad burial ships. For me such archological pieac it was unreal, incredible. Pure design of this boats achieved to immerse me into this norse universe.

All these figures have shaped my passion for history and for the scandinavian world especially. Finally , it is by Norse mythology I discovered JRR Tolkien, and at the same time fantasy.

Of course , I like history in general and I am happy to have worked on themes such as the gallic war equipment for Alesia museum , site of Ambrusum or a board game on the Breton dark ages.Unfortunately the graphic work just as interesting as it is often far from this land of legends.

At exhibitions, I presented my own work on norse stuff and I was particularly touched by the positive reaction of the public. A humanly rewarding experience.
Everywhere, encouragement pushed me to develop and operate this work in the first place.

My work

My personal work revolves almost exclusively around the Scandinavian area. Whether represent the Norse gods, Norse heroes or more cultural figures of the early Middle Age Scandinavian. These are indeed the Vikings that inspire all my artistic work.

I do not mean the bloodthirsty barbarian, the lawless robber who terrorized the Christian world. No ! I want to evoke these men and women with refined culture, intrepid explorers, sailors outstanding, talented artisans, musicians, sculptors, poets and among other purposes, fierce warriors.

My job, in my humble level tries to show the part of subtlety and sensitivity of these men of the north too stifled by that brute image conveyed for decades.

This work takes many forms :

The illustration

Most of my artistic activity is on the drawing.

The writing

I am writing a saga recounting the epic journeys of three characters caught in the midst of Scandinavia at the dawn of the year one thousand. Moult adventures between the Norwegian fjords, islands of Orkney and the recent Duchy of Normandy.


With my old friend "the Mérovigien" we are a duo named Fóstbrœðra skald (the sworn brothers) .We play the lyre and tale the stories of gods and heroes.

Of course ,these three approaches are closely related and influence each other.

My Grail

I work a lot with computers and graphics tablet for coloring above. I therefore wish to barter my venerable INTUOS for CINTIQ 22 HD Touch model and its "Ergotron" articulated arm

A powerful tool that will allow me to find the exact gesture drawing. A gain in quality but also, and not least in times of realization.

If the objective is exceeded, I will consider the purchase of update for software and / or license Sketchup 3D software.

But right now, I need the Cintiq !

I count on you, by Odin !


Of course your donations will be rewarded

I therefore propose based on your participation in my adventure, an assortment of postcards, bookmarks, prints and wallpaper from my works.

The mighty thor
Manuel Lefebvre illustration

Manuel Lefebvre illustration

Manuel Lefebvre illustration

And more preview soon

12/11/15 par Skiold

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