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Fostbroedra - Some news of the work

To all those who helped me two years ago during my Crowdfunding and to all those who support me or who just love what I do.
It’s been a long time since I shared anything related to my project. I leave you here a brief overview of two years of work upstream. The table is too small to display everything, dozens of drawings, colors in progress and since it’s mostly what I spent most of my time: almost 600 A4 pages of notes in the 3 big binders , not counting some notebooks scattered here and there for writing the book.

The real work of writing in itself has begun (a good sixty pages blackened). Today I already know that a volume will not be enough. It is a long process. In addition to the drawings, the coloring and the writing, I study Old Norse for the translation of certain passages and songs, which also allows us to approach the musical aspect of the project with our group of skalds "Fóstbrœðra Thanks to which I was able to learn the jouhikko and the lyre. For now it is impossible for me to share more for simple question of rights and spoil but if all goes well we can soon divulge some creations, at least musical.

In short, thank you, I think of you all. I work, it’s long and it will be again but I will go to the end by Odin!

Tusen takk

12/04/18 par Skiold

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