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Fylgja Berserkr "Méditation" - vikings-illustration

I introduce you to Ølaf, another protagonist of my saga.

The Fylgja is in a sense a second spirit that inhabits us, like a kind of soul freed from the body envelope.

Fylgja berserkr "méditation"
Méditation d’un jeune guerrier-fauve lors de son rite d’initiation.
Manuel Lefebvre 2016

In the case of a berserker, the Fylgja is an animal: bear, wild boar or wolf most frequently. For the "warrior-fawn" it allows him to enter a warrior trance, to "become" the animal, faster, stronger, more discreet ...
I represented here a young berserker in full meditation. Clad in the skin of the animal he killed during his violent rite of initiation.
The berserker are the warriors of Odin, they are the Einherjer terrestrial. Far from the image of thick brutes made by the sagas of the twelfth century, the warriors-tawny would be both shamans and warriors, I understand them as mystical beings above all.
Anyway, they remain for us a mystery ...
I have many things to say about the character of Ølaf but again I will abstain to avoid revealing too much. I leave you with the image =)
I advise all those who would like to deepen the subject the reading of the excellent book "the wild warriors" by Vincent Samson, University Presses of the Septentrion

22/05/16 par Skiold

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